Mechanical Design

Developing a new product shouldn’t feel like we fighting in the dark. There’s an easier way which is followed by all the product organisation. What we need is a structured road-map that gives your business a clear path to follow.

Actually developing the tangible product or service is only a small part of the new product development process, which includes the complete journey from generating the initial idea to bringing the product to market. Elakk services work on all the areas of the development process. By setting out the steps involved, and collaborating with your engineering teams, the product development will become a more focused and flexible cutting all the barriers like Cost, time to the market.

Our Solutions and Services are tailored made to support each of the product domains like Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Appliances and Industrial Segments. Elakk offers best in class solutions and would like to position as most preferred partner.

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  • Monitors Human Costs.
  • Documents Progress of Process.
  • Process of Invoices.
  • Records External Employees' Services.
  • Confirms Service Management Orders.
  • Maintains Planning and Progress.
  • Collects Data Plans and Sheets.